We find the right investor for your startup, putting your business on track towards success. We provide mentoring for your project through a quality, strategy, technology and regulatory process called Blockchain International Standard.

Everything done within 3 months.




We select the most innovative and groundbreaking projects to be part in our acceleration & investing program



Our in-house team and mentors will assists you in the reviewing, editing and improving all areas in your project.



We get you noticed and connected to the right Investors. Also, you got our quality certification, the BIS seal.

Our Three-Month Program

Attracting investment is not an easy task. You need to have the right information in the right place, it needs to look professional, your idea needs to be working or proven and most importantly it needs to be a real business.

To receive an investment, you don’t just need to prove your idea will work, it needs to be working.

Our program called CIS will not only help you to make your business investor ready, but it will provide you with the right tools to launch and grow successfully. When you receive our certification it gives your project credibility within the industry and a sense of security to investors. This certification will show the market that your company is using the very best practices, are updated and aligned with the global regulatory laws for the market and was mentored by an “A team”



  • Corporative Governance
  • KYC
  • ALM
  • Securities 
  • Banking
  • DODD-Frank Act

Business Adequation

  • Team Validation
  • Business Registry Checks
  • Business Plan & Whitepaper
  • Technology & Token Audits
  • Scalability & Sustainability
  • Marketing & Branding

Business Monitoring

  • Financial Monitoring
  • Team & Staff Monitoring
  • Milestone Monitoring
  • Developments
  • Operation Procedures


  • Team knowledge, Skills & Expertise
  • Workflow
  • Technology
  • Industry

Our Seal

BIS (Blockchain International Standard) Is a certification of High Industry Standards & gives access to our Funding Accelerator Program.

The seal ensures that each project is reviewed and audited in the areas of planning, development, regulations, governance, team, and economics.

Investors get an in-depth look into the project throughout all stages of the business via our blockchain database. After the conclusion of the acceleration, the business needs to renew the seal annually to maintain the active status in our CIS Hall.

Our Difference

We are a 100% blockchain accelerator – the first in Canada. Our program and process are totally focused on the blockchain development, so don’t expect a default program or anything related on market, we are unique.

The blockchain is a fast-paced market where is no time or resource to waste. So don’t expect free beer or a place to hang out, we push the team and the project to the edge. Of course, we can have fun during the process, but keep in mind – our goal is to make you succeed.

We connect you with industry experts, top-notch mentorship and we share benefits from our partnerships with you. Also, we have a global network with private and institutional investors.

The seal is a new standard for the blockchain market. During the process, your company will receive the BIS seal, and it will represent not only you were accelerated by us, but also you are in a fine tune with the global regulations.

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