GET the best of your investment

Canada Blockchain Fund is the first full solutions fund for investors in Blockchain. Our accelerator filters and retains the very best of the blockchain projects, and unique tools will push your investor experience into a whole new level.

We work on two levels, acceleration and venture investment.




Every session, we select projects to be part of our acceleration program called BIS.



Our mentor team helps the project grow during the seed investment, also we certify companies to receive venture investment



After graduation, the startups are ready for the next level of investment and to face the market

Do you want to be an investor?

A Business Reactor

We are not a common accelerator. We search for the best, our mentorship and certification take startups to the next level. Our goal is to create a relationship of a 3 points partnership – Investors, CBG and Startups.

We are not a middleman. We work to make a project successful and to ensure a return on the investment. Allied with our vast network of projects and professionals, we can act as a counselor for both parties. As a unique feature, the Canada Blockchain Fund have at their disposal a team of professionals to supply missing skills to any project. Technology, Design, Advertising, Strategy… whatever the project needs, we can add.

Also, our accelerator holds the title of the first decentralized accelerator in the world. Adopting the same aspects of the blockchain, we can work 100% online with projects around the world. Our founders may be required to do some international travels in order for the investor to meet the team in person.

There is no magic trick for success in business. Our ranks are filled with awesome professionals with a myriad of backgrounds, hardened, fast thinkers – and with the entrepreneurship spirit. So, as stated before, we are not a common accelerator, we are a business reactor.

Our Quality Control

Startups have creative, fast and hard-working people, it’s really hard to find a startup without any particularity. But, there is one thing almost all startups have identical: Unproven experience and success in this new venture.

We created the BIS program to fill this gap. We have mentors to solve problems, to support strategies and prevent big mistakes. As an investor, you can’t babysit startups all day… we take care of that for you.

Those are the main points of the BIS program:

Country Regulation

  • KYC

  • ALM

  • Financial Action Task Force procedures
    (San Jose Principles, May 2017)

Business Adequation

  • Team Validation

  • Business registry checks

  • Business plan & Whitepaper

  • Scalability & Sustainability

  • Marketing & Branding

Information Tracking

  • Review, Approve & Track transactions

  • Usage of funds

  • Written procedures

  • Daily Operations

  • Work Flow

  • Team

  • Technology

Business Processes

  • Map Processes

  • Analyze and Redesign Processes

  • Acquire Resources

  • Review, Implement & Communicate changes


One of the most important aspects of our fund is control. Using blockchain technology, we are able to create smart contracts to regulate the flow of the resources. The accelerated startups are challenged monthly to reach quests. Those quests are linked to the investment. Each quest releases part of the total amount. If those quests are not achieved or failed, the smart contract redirects the funds back to the investor.

One of the most exciting aspects of working in an accelerator is breaking the rules – not laws! In a newborn industry, there are a lot of changing how things are currently done, type of scenarios.

Another unique aspect is the Tactical unit. A team ready to deploy support in case of missing skills if/or when needed. You can find directly within the Canada Blockchain Team the support you need for strategy, coding, design, IT, advertising and more.