We are a Canadian group of companies focused on the development,
advancement and mass adoption of the blockchain technology globally.

About us

About us

We are a Canadian group of companies focused on the development, advancement and mass adoption of the blockchain technology globally. We foster innovative, out-of-the-box projects, helping them to find investment and proper mentoring ensuring their groundbreaking success.

Our in-house team and partners are at the top of their respective fields, professional, transparent and have proven track records. Our aim is to establish legitimate projects, give investors confidence and security while growing the industry.

Blockchain International Standards

Blockchain International Standards

Our BIS program is designed to help your blockchain project become investment ready and industry certified in order to attract a wide variety of investors and clients. The entire process ensures that you are set up to not only receive funding but more importantly to succeed.

This is done through professional reviews in every area of your project, edits, audits and mentor engagement from both CBG team and a board of Accredited Investors.

Our Ventures

Our Ventures

We receive thousands of applications for review from all over the world but we only work with a select few. All selected projects that go through our program become accredited, trustworthy and poised for success.

The selected projects are focused on different areas and fields within the blockchain technology. We know that High-growth businesses and new innovations are critical to the mass adoption and overall growth of the industry.

Our Investors

Our Investors

Our trusted investors get the opportunity to access the industry’s most innovative startups and early-stage companies. We have established relationships with Accredited Investors, Institutional Investors, Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists globally.

Our network of Investors have either previously invested in blockchain projects or/and are interested in being the first to gain access to new opportunities in groundbreaking projects.

Accelerate to
the next level

Introducing the Canada Blockchain Accelerator. The first 100% Blockchain Accelerator. Through 3 months of an intense process, vetted startups from around the world will receive investment, mentorship, support and insight for every aspect of their business.

Local businesses also have the opportunity to work closely with us enjoying our coworking facilities that house a network of companies.

First batch of 2019 will open soon!

One SEAL to
rule them all

Canada Blockchain Group created the B.I.S seal: Blockchain International Standards

With our pioneer and unique process, we evaluate the project, the team and establish a trusted network between the peers. We regulate, advise and improve the projects through our globally recognized partners. The startups or projects are aligned with the best industry practices, governance, technology, and overall operations.

This process enables a deep degree of transparency for the project and promotes a safe environment for the investor.

Access the
before they reach
the market

Be an investor in the Canada Blockchain Fund, our index fund, to gain access to early pricing for all accelerated companies globally.

Individual investment opportunities at D.Day, where companies pitch to investors, mentors, and the entrepreneurial community at large.

Become a CBG Investor.

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